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Where does MRSA come from ?


The three main reasons often cited for the spread of MRSA are said to be:

• The growing take-up in use of antibiotics
• Genetic selection
• Society’s general reluctance to take tablets

Because bacteria are constantly evolving some strains will have more resistance to certain antibiotics than others.  More resistant strains of bacteria will take longer to die.  So too will their offspring.

As the bacteria go on to evolve further, changes to their gene structures will mean that some will be even more resistant to the antibiotic.

The combination of gradual bacterial genetic change coupled with our reluctance to take our full medications as prescribed has resulted in strains of Staphylococcus aureus that show resistance to many antibiotics. While these strains would normally show resistance to only one or two antibiotics, strains like MRSA can be resistant to more.

Medical practitioners contend that if we take the whole course of antibiotics as initially prescribed (instead of not finishing the full dose), then all the bacteria (including those that are more resistant) should be killed off, preventing offspring from being produced and allowing us to recover quicker.


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